Heidel Photography | About
Welcome to my website!

I started into photography my sophomore year in high school. Shortly after that I started working on the school’s newspaper and yearbook staff my junior and senior years. After high school, I lost interest in photography until around 2002. In 2009, I started to get serious about landscape photography and I have enjoyed every minute of it since. My passion is landscape and wildlife photography.

My Grandfather had a farm outside of Manhattan, KS as I was growing up and I always enjoyed spending time there. However, I really didn't really appreciate the beauty of the area until I started doing landscape photography. I like the area around Manhattan, but I really love the area east of Matfield Green, especially Texaco Hill. When I am in the Flint Hills I feel at peace and very relaxed. In my photography, I try to cover a large part of the Flint Hills, because I feel each area has its own unique qualities and beauty. My goal with my photography is to show that Kansas is not some boring flat place that you drive through to get to Colorado. I want to show people the beauty our state has to offer once you get off the interstate and do a little exploring.

I hope you enjoy my photography as much as I have enjoyed capturing the images!